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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cubs trade Patterson to O's, Yosh Kawano receives season-long supply of laundry detergent in return

Fare thee well, oh bringer of K’s and hostile jeers from the bleachers. We shall reminisce on the days of yesteryear when you showed such promise before an ill-timed, awkward knee blow-out. Always will we remember the waste of talent that once roamed Wrigley’s green pasture for both too short and yet too long a time. You will be missed. Sort of.

Ok, that was my eulogy for Korey Patterson’s Cubs career. Now that he’s gone I think we can finally look at his tenure with the Cubs objectively. No, he did not live up to his potential, but then again, who could have? He was essentially tagged as the second coming of Willie Mays out of high school. I’m fairly certain he’ll amount to a decent big leaguer if he can manage to get his head on straight and actually listen to his coaches. Half a year does not a career make, but for all the hatred spewed towards him this year, it’s easy to forget the stellar partial ’03 season he played before he got hurt.

My initial reaction to the trade (Korey for 2 average minor leaguers) was not pleasant. I didn’t want to give him away for scraps, and if that was all Hendry could get, I would just as soon have kept him. However, right now he’s a $3 million bust. Trading him for scraps was merely a salary dump, and that extra cash might help the Cubs re-sign guys like Zambrano and Prior when they’re due for huge extensions. This is clearly not the way anyone thought this saga would end back in ’98, but I think we can all be happy that we can finally talk about Corey in the past tense.

Perhaps more comments to come, but maybe I'll just let this one fade away. Sometimes, it's best not to dwell on the past...


  • Patterson is useless. They could have traded him for a bag of shit for all I care. His life's a blur, fuck him!

    By Anonymous Romberg, at 7:56 AM  

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