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Thursday, December 22, 2005

An unbiased opinion...

For another take on Jacque Jones from someone who has no vested interest, check out the Hardball Times. Basically, the article says that his average has dropped because he doesn't hit line drives, and predominantly hits ground balls.

So, going from the turf at the Metrodome to the ridiculously long infield grass at Wrigley probably isn't a good idea for a groundball hitter. ..


  • Numerous sources are claiming that the Cubs are dangling Prior for Tejada in a multi-player deal. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, because I'm not entirely sure how large of a hole Prior's absence would create in the rotation. Is he back this year for another 18 win season, or is he just a one year wonder? If the hole is indeed gaping is it worth the pickup of an AL MVP?

    I'm also wondering if Pierre's hardwork will rub off on Corey Paterson and others. Juan apparently works harder than Jessie Spanno before finals, and that type of demonstrative leadership can go a long way in the clubhouse.

    By Anonymous Damon Berryhill, at 11:37 AM  

  • He's better than Burnitz I guess... He's younger? Defenitely won't be giving Patterson any veteran guidance on patient hitting any time soon.

    By Blogger dave, at 10:35 PM  

  • I also wonder about a report from a pitching expert that Prior will have to change his mechanics or he will be just like Wade Miller. Too much strain on the arm.

    By Blogger dave, at 10:36 PM  

  • So far Prior's injuries have been pretty fluky (getting trucked on his way to second base?), so I'm not too worried about his injury history.

    I have seen the report from that guy about his mechanics, but that dude's trying to sell DVDs. Just about every other person on the planet who knows anything about pitching praises Prior for his almost robot-perfect mechanics.

    By Blogger DoDD1, at 1:54 PM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:41 AM  

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